Single toughened safety glass (ESG)

The outstanding properties of the DusarFrigo single glazing (Ein-Scheiben-Sicherheitsglas, ESG) result from a special production process – the heat-shock method. The glass is heated to 650°C in a few seconds and then quenched in cold air. This tempering process puts the inner surfaces into tension and the outer surfaces into compression. If the glass breaks, it crumbles into small granular chunks.

  • Hardened according to DIN 12150
  • More temperature-, bending-, break-, impact- and hit-resistant in comparison to float glass
  • Glass doors available with handles or handle bores


Double insulated safety glass (ISO)

The DusarFrigo double glazing – an insulating composite of two toughened safety glass panes and air or gas – guarantees an optimal insulation of the cooling cabinets through high-tech coatings using hard-coating method. In contrast to other manufacturers our door systems do not require any frame systems. Our insulated glazing facilitates compliance with the European regulation HACCP.

  • Thinnest glazing on market (14 + 24 mm)
  • lowE coating using hard-coating method
  • Hardened according to DIN 12150