Low Energy Lumenta

led lamps

Conventional fluorescent lamps lose efficiency when temperature drops. In contrast, efficiency and thus brightness of LED lighting increases with decreasing temperature. That is why LED lamps are ideal for use in refrigerating and freezing furniture.

  • long life-span
  • 5 times more durable and more robust
  • Up to 50 % energy savings
  • Energy efficiency class: A++
  • Lumen at 0°C: 1,800
  • Ambient temperature: -10°C, 30°C
  • Length: 900 mm, 1,200 mm, 1,500 mm




Colour Temperatures

The Right Colour for Each Product Range



Cooling cabinets with “Low Energy Lumenta” lighting ensure the perfect presentation of products in your supermarket! With different colour temperatures available you can showcase the goods at their best – always.

  • FreshMeat: reddish light for meat products
  • FreshWhite: white light for dairy products and frozen foods – neutral white calibrated
  • WarmWhite: yellowish light for Cheese and baked goods

EU Energy Label

neutral white lamps

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red lamps

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